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Prepare yourself for an adventure of epic proportions in Take the Cake - the ultimate quest where a hand-drawn stickman embarks on a heroic journey to claim what is rightfully his: the illustrious cake! Emboldened by an insatiable desire for frosting and glory, our humble protagonist pushes the boundaries of what it means to be a stick figure on a mission.

In this 2D sidescrolling platformer, you'll guide our valiant stickman through a series of intricately designed stages, each one presenting its own challenges and cunning obstacles. With each triumphant acquisition of the cake, fate has a mischievous sense of humor - our hero is thrust backward in the map, extending the already arduous journey even further! It's a whimsical twist that will test your skills and perseverance, as you face not only new trials but also conquer the stages you've conquered before. The cake always seems tantalizingly out of reach, but you shall not be deterred!

Picture yourself as the unsung hero, enduring trials and tribulations akin to those who would embark on a perilous trek to thrust jewelry into a volcano. Only your journey, although equally epic, is compacted into a delightful, bite-sized experience that will leave you with a smile on your face and a yearning for just one more slice.

Embrace the comical irony of this quest, for though the game is short and simple, it is brimming with an infectious sense of grandeur. Each victory brings you closer to the ultimate triumph - the delectable prize that awaits at the journey's end. Can you summon the courage, dexterity, and cunning to conquer each stage, retreading your steps and forging ahead until victory is yours?

Embark upon this side-splitting adventure, become the stickman legend you were destined to be, and seize the cake that shall forever etch your name in stick figure history!

In Take the Cake, even the most straightforward of quests can become an unforgettable odyssey!


Take the Cake is a small project I put together for some fun - it's a type of game I've wanted to build for a while. Uses some assets from the Epic "Unreal Stick Figure 2D" game example (like the player character sprites) because I really liked them. When I started working in Unreal a few years ago, that project was one of the first projects I used to learn, and I always loved the art style. I considered finding/making new character sprites (in the same style) for this project, but every time I tried, I just liked these more, so I went with it.


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play this game - its a creative use of the unreal engine "paper" template - used in a neat way that could enable expansion should the developer decide :)